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Lynsey and Ben surprised many of their wedding reception guests at Signature Banquets of Lowell, Indiana. With a little help from Etsy, Youtube, and the DJ, family and friends enjoyed themselves from the moment of arrival till the hall shut us down.

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Signature Banquets Wedding DJ Sister Brother Dance BarneyAs guests arrived they “leafed” their name on a tree picture and found their tables which were decorated with combinations of burlap wrapped wine bottles, lanterns, pictures, mason jars, sunflowers, bird cages and tree stumps. Yellow and gray napkins stuck out of each glass complementing the centerpieces and giving the room a little more color. An empty candy bag accompanied the dinner plates as the favor to be filled with gummi worms, M&Ms, different flavored popcorns, mints, mini cookies and more.

Wedding DJ Signature Banquets Shoe Game Spotlight HighlightKicking off an evening of getting #DownAndDerky was the wedding party with their remarkable grand entrance and toasts to Lynsey and Ben. After toasts, Lynsey’s sister brought her and her brother out for a special song from when they were young, Barney’s – Sister Song (yes, the big purple dinosaur). The next surprise came as kids sat around the dance floor with the DJ as the first dance started. The song abruptly stopped followed by a series of very short line dance songs including Thriller, Jump On It and the Whip/Nae Nae.

Surprises kept coming as the DJ announced the 170 pound, 5 foot 10 inch, from Lowell, Indiana, Ben Dierks into the reception once again for the garter removal. This time with a basketball, headband, and IU breakaway candy cane pants. The garter fell off the basketball during the toss so 2 people received a memorable item from the night.

If all that wasn’t enough, breaking up over 3 hours of dancing was a shoe game in which all the groomsmen wore yellow Chucks and Lynsey had yellow high heels. The matron of honor and best man asked the questions with the funniest being “If you were stranded on an island, who would be the first to eat the other to survive?”

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Signature Banquets Wedding Centerpiece Sunflower Bird Cage

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