Zemen – Steyer Wedding | Wicker Park| Highland, Indiana | Fireworks | Uplighting

The Zemen – Steyer wedding was full of fireworks and uplighting at Wicker Park in Highland, Indiana on a beautiful summer night.
Highland Indiana Uplighting

 The night started off after dinner with a firework show. One of the guests said “the show was better than the show he had watched on the 4th of July.” But that wasn’t the only event at the wedding that had the guests talking.
Wicker Park Highland Indiana Wedding

The bride welcomed her new son to the family with a necklace during the wedding ceremony. A few classics of the Beatles were covered by “Got Issues” before and after the ceremony which added a little spark to the afternoon. Guests enjoyed the covers with some appetizers and drinks on the patio as the wedding party posed for pictures. The bride and groom even got to drive away in a ’65 GTO to take a few pictures down the street.

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Speeches took place during dinner in which the best man’s job of the night was to “make the groom look good.” The toast was followed by a slide show made by VU Productions showing the bride’s life, the grooms life, and finishing the story with pictures of them since they were dating to the day of their wedding.Wicker Park Highland Indiana Uplighting

After the firework show, dancing kicked off with many kids rushing the dance floor.  The kids decided to steal the show for a while creating a train and taking it around the room as the uplighting changed colors. The adults followed in their footsteps later making a train around the room and taking it outside for a little fresh air after a stop by the bar for a quick refreshment. Guests had a chance to get low a little later in the night with a little limbo and it seemed like all ages had a great time participating.

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